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6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Instantor Copper Press

Date 29th January 2024 /// Product News
6 Reasons to make the switch to Instantor Copper Press

We understand how hectic your days can be as a professional installer, the phone doesn’t stop ringing (even after work hours) and you find your call list never gets any shorter.

So, why make your day any harder than it has to be?

A lot of traditional plumbing methods are now outdated, with a more efficient method taking its place. Traditional soldering is a perfect example… Yet so many plumbers still use this method.

We know that sometimes it seems more hassle than it’s worth to make the switch, but here are 6 reasons why you should consider using Instantor Copper Press Fittings

1.    Copper Press is up to 35% Faster than Soldering

In case you missed it, we pitched Ken and Thomas against each other to test just how much time can be saved by using Instantor Copper Press instead of traditional soldering. Watch Ken save 35% on install time simply by using Instantor Copper Press.

Whilst it can be comfortable to stick with what you know, soldering contains a lot of hidden time consumers. When using solder fittings, it’s the installer’s responsibility to apply for a hot work permit. With a hot work permit comes extra fire watch time at the end of any installation, plus extra equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Fire watch time can vary between projects, with some site managers expecting a fire watch time of up to 4 hours!

2.    Safer Work Environment

We watched on as Thomas experienced the safety risks involved with soldering in the video mentioned above, demonstrating just how easily things can go wrong.

Instantor Copper Press offers a flame-flee jointing solution which in turn leads to a safer work environment. Fires can be very common when using solder fittings if the installer is not cautious. With Instantor Copper Press Fittings, there’s no need to carry out a fire watch and no need for hot work permits, encouraging a much safer work environment for plumbers.

3.    Save on Costs & Labour

Copper Press is often underestimated as it can be seen as a big investment initially, but in the long term, the savings on time and labour are unmatched.

With traditional solder methods, there are reoccurring purchases such as gas canisters, solder fittings, torches, flux etc. Once you’ve got the basics covered there’s still the required fire extinguisher and fire blanket to go with your hot work permit… That’s some amount of tools to be lugging from the van every morning.

In just 5 simple steps, a pressed joint is complete using Copper Press Fittings, a pipe cutter, de-burring tool, marker, and press tool kit.

4.    Free Training & Certification on all Instantor Press Systems

We want merchants, plumbers, and installers to feel confident whether using our products themselves or selling them. This is why we offer Free Instantor Competency Training & Certification available from our in-house Technical Experts on all Instantor Press Systems. This includes demonstration and training on the proper use of Instantor Copper Press Fittings, Instantor Press System, and Instantor Stainless Steel Press.

To find out more or schedule your Instantor training simply email our Technical Team.

5.    Our In-house After-sales Team

Jumping through hoops to reach customer support is frustrating.

At Instantor, we place emphasis on maintaining a high level of quality from start to finish. We’re proud to have a dedicated, in-house after-sales team, assisting with training, technical product support, and after-sales assistance.

This level of service is what sets Instantor apart, backing installers with reassurance and confidence.

6.    Same Instantor Jaw Profile for Water & Gas Fittings

The Instantor Press Tools are suitable for use with Imperial and Metric Copper Press Fittings for water and gas applications. Installers simply switch between a ‘VI’ jaw for imperial fittings, and a ‘M’ jaw for metric fittings.

This means installers that already use Instantor Copper Press Fittings for water can use the same jaw profile for gas systems, saving on additional costs.

To summarise, Instantor Copper Press Fittings save on time, costs and additional labour by providing a modern high-quality solution that essentially makes the installer’s job easier.

Instantor Copper Press Fittings are backed by a 25-year guarantee, providing customers with absolute peace of mind. Our water fittings are WRAS-approved and manufactured to EN 1254-7, and our gas fittings are GASTEC QA-approved.

With a wide range of sizes available for imperial and metric copper pipe, Instantor Copper Press Fittings can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Instantor Copper Press Fittings for water and gas applications are widely available at leading builders merchants and plumbing stores nationwide. For further information, training days, or to find your nearest stockist get in touch with our team.