Product Overview


NSAI Certified to EN ISO 21003 and WRAS approved. Instantor® Press fittings are manufactured using the same high-grade CW617N brass as our market leading range of INSTANTOR® Brass Compression fittings. Every fitting features two EPDM O rings on each connection which, when pressed correctly, delivers a water-tight seal in seconds. Quick to install in three simple steps – Cut, Calibrate & Press, saving on time and costs as less fittings are required when compared with traditional plumbing methods. INSTANTOR® Press fittings are designed for use in sanitary water supply and heating systems.

Max Operating Pressure: 10 bar

Max Operating Temperature: 95°C

Max Peak Temperature (at 1 hour): 110°C

The above specs relate to Instantor Press Fittings combined with Instantor Pex-Al-Pex Pipe

Instantor Pex-Al-Pex

Instantor® Pex-al-Pex (PE-xB/AL/PE-xB) is a multilayer pipe NSAI Certified to EN ISO 21003 and WRAS approved, combining all the advantages of metal and plastic pipe.

The pipe is constructed with a double inner and outer layer of Silane method crosslinked polyethylene PE-xB, then bound by quality adhesive to a longitudinally TIG butt welded 100% oxygen tight aluminium layer that allows the pipe to maintain its shape after bending. Total hygiene and high corrosion resistance is ensured as fluids come in contact with the inner PE-xB layer only.

MULTI APPLICATIONS: Potable water, underfloor heating and all general plumbing and heating applications.


Instantor Press Fittings Features

  • Brass body manufactured from CW617N brass to EN ISO 21003.
  • Suitable for use with the following pipes:

– Aluminium plastic composite / PE-X / PE-RT / PB/ Steel plastic composite

– Manufactured as standard for use with Aluminium plastic composite pipe.

  • Operating Temperatures 0°C to 110°C
  • 304 Stainless Steel sleeves
  • Three viewing inspection windows per stainless steel sleeve to allow a visual check so as to ensure the pipe is correctly inserted
  • Application class: 2/6 bar, class 5/6 bar
  • Available in sizes 16mm, 20mm, 26mm & 32mm
  • TH profile
  • EPDM O-rings

Instantor Pex-Al-Pex Features

  • This is a more cost-effective pipe system when compared with conventional piping systems
  • All of the combined advantages of metal and plastic pipes
  • Lightweight, flexible and maintains its shape after bending
  • Cost effective – requires less fittings than traditional methods
  • Butt welded aluminium pipe is 100% oxygen & water vapour tight
  • Excellent heat preservation
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Low factor of linear expansion
  • Low noise emission due to plastic properties of pipe
  • Highly temperature and pressure resistant
  • Guarantee – 10 years on system, 50 years on materials – Guarantee applies to Instantor Press System. I.e. Instantor Press Fittings and Instantor Pex-Al-Pex pipe

Instantor Press Tools Features

We recently launched Instantor Press Tools with two variations available. The 18V Press Tool is available in two versions; the Mini Press Tool (IT2020) providing an output of 19kN or the Large Press Tool (IT2040) providing an output of 32kN.

The IT2020 and IT2040 tools can be used for connecting stainless steel pipe, MLCP, PEX pipe with suitable press fittings (Instantor Press and Copper Press Fittings). The high-pressure hydraulic system is powered by a Li-ion battery, actuated by a motor, and controlled by a MCU.

The Instantor Press Tool is available for all common systems. TH, VI & M Profile Jaws are amongst the selection when customising your kit.

More information on the Instantor Press Tool can be found in the downloads section on the right side of this page.