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The Wait is Over – Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are Here

Date 10th January 2024 /// Product Launches
Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are here

After much demand from installers, the wait is over. Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are here.
Never shying away from innovation, we are delighted to offer Irish/Imperial and Metric sized gas copper press fittings.

A Game Changer for the Irish Market

Known for leading the way when it comes to plumbing technologies, at Instantor we pay close attention to the products that plumbers are calling out for. Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings will be a game changer in the Irish market, as there are no other manufacturers currently offering imperial-sized Gas Copper Press Fittings, until now.

Up until now, Instantor offered Copper Press Fittings designed for use with imperial and metric pipe in a range of sizes up to 54mm, but only for use in water applications. Instantor Copper Press fittings offer a high-quality modern solution with flame-free jointing for faster and safer installation. With no hot works permit required, copper press fittings make any installation quick and straightforward.

Pairing nicely with the launch of Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are angled jaws for the Instantor Press Tool which are available to shop now. Instantor angled jaws have been highly requested since the release of the Instantor Press Tools. Angled Jaws are available for VI profile (Imperial fittings ½”, ¾” & 1”) & M profile (Metric fittings 15mm & 22mm).

Quality Without Compromise

There is a high emphasis on quality when it comes to the Instantor brand, as many in the industry will be fully aware of. The brand is well known for producing reliable fittings that simply don’t leak. From mechanical engineers to merchants and installers, this is music to any customers’ ears, as they can rely on peace of mind with a guarantee of 10 years and sound permanent joints.

Copper is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and hygienic qualities. Instantor Copper Press is designed for no less than 50 years when applicable to standards.

Gas Fittings Certified to the Highest Standards

Sanbra Fyffe is proudly recognised as a NSAI certified ISO 14001 company and places a strong focus on their Environmental Management System in-house at Dublin-based offices, during product design and manufacturing. Instantor Copper Press Fittings are designed without the presence of lead, soldering methods, flame works/carbon emissions. The Instantor range is set to see a continued focus on more environmentally conscious products as early as next year, with more products promised to be en route to market.

Instantor Copper Press Fittings for use in water applications are WRAS-approved and manufactured to EN1254-7, whilst gas fittings carry GASTEC QA approval.

We’re also excited to announce the facilitation of Installer Competency Training and Certification on all Instantor Press Systems, this allows merchants to learn the ins and outs of our fittings and gives installers peace of mind when on the job. To register interest simply email [email protected].

Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are now available to order, get in touch with our sales team to place your order today.