Product Overview


Instantor Copper Press fittings offer a high-quality modern solution with flame-free jointing for faster and safer installation.

Instantor Copper Press fittings are available in Imperial/Irish and Metric sizes for water and gas applications.

Instantor Copper Press fittings for water are WRAS-approved and manufactured to EN 1254-7. Instantor Copper Press fittings for gas are KIWA GASTEC QA certified.

Our water fittings feature a pre-lubricated EPDM black O-ring and our gas fittings feature a pre-lubricated yellow O-ring, the required sealing element for use with gas application to EN682 & EN549.

Quick to install in 5 simple steps – Cut, Calibrate, Check, Mark, & Press, – saving on time and costs when compared with traditional copper solder methods.


  • Flame Free Jointing. No hotworks permit required. Flame free installation makes for a safer job and shortened project times.
  • Quick & simple to install. Faster than traditional solder methods, saves on time and material costs.
  • Instantor Copper Press fittings for water applications are WRAS-approved. Instantor
    Imperial/Irish Approval # 2003301
    Metric Approval # 1903373
  • Instantor Copper Press fittings for gas applications are KIWA GASTEC QA approved to requirement 186.
  • Black EPDM O-Rings on our water fittings have a Leak-Before-Press feature designed to identify un-pressed joints during system testing.
  • Yellow HNBR O-rings on our gas fittings re designed for easy recognition and as the required sealing element for use with gas application.
  • ‘VI’ Profile jaw for Irish/Imperial fittings & ‘M’ profile jaw for Metric fittings.
  • Operating Pressure/temperatures
    Water fittings – 16bar @ 30°C, 10bar @ 95°C. Max 110°C, Min -25°C
    Gas fittings – 200mbar domestic gaseous fuel -20°C to +70°C, MOP 5 bar (external above ground) and MOP 1 bar (within building, subject to fire regulations)
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish. Flux and heat free system provides for a neater, cleaner finish.