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Commercial Plumbing Made Easy with Instantor’s Large-Sized Fittings

Date 10th July 2023 /// Product News

Reviewing and selecting plumbing materials for a commercial or industrial building project is a critical task for specifiers. Large-scale building projects often require specifiers who have a tight checklist to follow when sourcing material suppliers, this can be both time-consuming and detail driven.

We understand that minor details mean everything. At Instantor, we do our very best to make choosing our fittings straightforward and as easy as possible. We do this by ensuring your merchant provider of choice is fully stocked, installers are fully trained by our in-house professionals, and materials such as manuals, technical specifications, and certificates are readily available if and when required.

Large Size Instantor Fittings

Instantor plumbing fittings are manufactured in various sizes for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. The Instantor range of plumbing fittings brought to you by Sanbra Fyffe Ltd. consists of Instantor Brass Compression Fittings, Instantor Imperial and Metric Copper Press Fittings, Instantor Press Fittings and Instantor Stainless Steel Press Fittings for water and gas.

Our fittings are available in sizes up to 108mm, making Instantor the ideal choice for large-scale plumbing projects in Ireland.

Leading the Way in the Plumbing Industry

Instantor is the number 1 choice for many merchants, plumbers, installers, and specifiers due to the high-quality products that we offer. We understand how frustrating it can be when fittings leak on a job, impacting your reputation, and costing you time. Instantor stands behind all of our fittings as being carefully manufactured, strictly tested, and certified to the highest building standards, eliminating the risk of leakage.

Instantor Compression Fittings

Instantor Compression fittings are deep routed in the history of Sanbra Fyffe, being one of the very first fittings ever manufactured at our head office in Santry, Dublin. Instantor Brass Compression Fittings are designed using CW617N, a high-grade level of brass made up of copper, zinc, and lead. Our compression fittings are NSAI certified to IS EN 1254-2 and are WRAS approved, deeming them in line with the high standards set out by water regulations. Instantor Compression fittings are available in sizes up to 54mm.

Instantor Press Fittings

Instantor Press fittings are manufactured using the same high-grade CW617N brass as our market-leading Instantor Compression fittings, as well as being NSAI certified to EN ISO 21003 and WRAS approved. All fittings feature 304 stainless steel sleeves with three viewing windows per sleeve allowing for visual checks to ensure the pipe is correctly inserted. Instantor Press fittings are suitable for use with TH profile jaws and come in sizes up to 63mm.

Instantor Copper Press Fittings

Instantor Copper Press fittings offer a high-quality modern solution with flame-free jointing for faster and safer installation. With no hot works permit required, copper press fittings make any installation quick and straightforward. Instantor Copper Press fittings are WRAS approved and manufactured to EN 1254-7. Large-size fittings are also available from the Instantor Copper Press range in sizes up to 54mm in metric sizes, and up to 1” in Imperial sizes.

Instantor Stainless Steel Press Fittings

Our most recent launch of Instantor fittings, Instantor Stainless Steel Press is ideal for commercial and industrial plumbing projects. This new range offers fittings that are both DVGW-certified and WRAS-approved, and gas fittings that bear the BSI Kitemark. Instantor Stainless Steel Press products are currently available in sizes 15mm–54mm, with larger sizes up to 108mm also available on request.

Selecting the right materials for large-scale building projects is crucial. Instantor products are designed for use in domestic, commercial, and industrial installations. From start to finish, the team at Instantor are with you every step of the way. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss how we can help with any upcoming projects.