Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings

Instantor Gas Copper Press Fittings are here!

A high-quality modern solution with flame-free jointing for faster and safer gas installations.

Save on time, costs, and labour with Copper Press fittings taking 35% less time to complete when compared with traditional soldering, flame-free installations making for a safer work environment, and no need to apply for hot work permits – meaning no fire watch, less hassle, and less fire safety equipment.

Instantor Copper Press Fittings provide a neater, cleaner finish without leaving behind any heat/scorch marks. These advantages paired with free training available, an in-house after-sales team, and a 25-year guarantee sets installers up with confidence when pressing, and the ability to walk away from a job with peace of mind.

For technical specifications, certifications, and more videos on Instantor Copper Press Fittings for water & gas applications, visit our product page here.


  • Flame-free jointing for a safer work environment.
  • No hot work permit is required.
  • Highly requested by plumbers & installers.
  • GASTEC QA certified & designed with Building Regulations in mind.
  • Backed by a 25-year guarantee.
  • Free training available from Instantor Technical Experts.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish without any unsightly scorch/heat marks.
  • Saves up to 35% on install time when compared to soldering.
  • Offers optimum efficiency on the job by saving on costs & labour.
  • Reliably designed as a Fit & Forget Solution, minimizing call backs.
  • Flame-free installation makes for a safer work environment.
  • Simple to install in 5 steps.
  • Same press jaws used for water fittings – ‘VI’ profile for Irish/Imperial & ‘M’ profile for Metric.
  • HNBR yellow O-rings designed and approved to EN682 & EN549.
  • Suitable for the transport of gaseous fuels in accordance to the 2nd & 3rd family gases (natural gas & LPG)

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