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Versatility in Plumbing with Instantor Stainless Steel Press

Date 24th August 2023 /// Product News

The Instantor brand is well known in the marketplace for its vast range of Press Fittings, offering versatile options that cover a wide range of applications.

You know as well as we do that when we tend to find a brand we like, we stick with them. At Instantor, our key focus is on customer relationships, delivering high-quality products at the right time and place, and cost-effective solutions. We recognise that merchants, plumbers, specifiers, and homeowners place a lot of trust in the Instantor brand.

The latest release of fittings came last year when Sanbra Fyffe announced the launch of Instantor Stainless Steel Press fittings and pipe. This range offers fittings that are both DVGW certified and WRAS approved, and gas fittings that bear the BSI Kitemark. Fittings are accompanied by 316L stainless steel pipe, which is also DVGW certified.

What are the Qualities and Applications of Stainless Steel?

The qualities that stainless steel offers as a building material make it very appealing for use in commercial and industrial projects. These include its durability (highly corrosion & impact resistant), long-term value and sustainability, cost and time savings, no hot works permit required, no use of hazardous welding gases making it hygienic, fire & heat resistance, and offers minimum load loss allowing for faster fluid flows.

Stainless Steel fittings and pipe are known for being highly adaptable and are used for many different applications such as Potable Water, Water Based Heating, Saturated Steam, Solar Sprinkler, Compressed Air, Gas Supply, Natural Gas, Fire Protection, and Industry Application.

Stainless Steel fittings and pipe are often attractive on large-scale projects for many reasons. As stainless steel is a reliable material, it offers a long lifespan which under proper conditions can be up to 50+ years, meaning it provides residual value when compared with other materials. Paired with the wide range of sizes available, Instantor Stainless Steel Press fittings range from 15mm to 108mm.

Future Proof Plumbing

Sanbra Fyffe are proudly recognised as an ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certified company. With this accreditation in mind, our team are striving for better practices as a market leader within our industry. With stainless steel being widely considered one of the most environmentally friendly metals used in construction as it is 100% recyclable, this is just the start.

Further product launches will see Instantor focus on the environmental impact of plumbing fittings, and how our company can lead the way down a path that places sustainability at the forefront.

Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of quality and innovative solutions to the heating and plumbing industry, assisting our customers to create a healthy and energy-sustainable built environment for future generations.

Learn more about Instantor Stainless Steel Press here or reach out to our team anytime at [email protected]