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Save Energy & Conform to Part L and Part B with Instantor Press Insulated Pipe

Date 12th December 2022 /// Product News
Instantor insulated pipework saves energy and conforms to part L and B

With a shift in focus towards more energy-efficient homes, pipe insulation plays an important role but is often not given adequate attention. Insulating pipework provides multiple benefits to homeowners and is one of the most efficient ways to save on energy & reduce operating costs.

Insulating pipework can limit or slow the thermal transfer across the pipe’s wall. This may either be via heat loss or heat gain to the contents contained within the pipework. Insulation of pipework also helps to prevent the build-up of condensation (dew point/sweating) on the outside of the pipework wall. This is known to reduce the thermal efficiency & create a corrosive & aggressive environment for metallic components. This can be amplified with the release of Chloride, Fluoride & other ions from the insulation material, which can affect the localised PH.

Insulating the pipework provides a light-duty sheath to protect the pipes while allowing space for thermal expansion within the installation and reducing noise pollution. Additionally, it can protect personnel from contact with high surface temperatures.

Instantor multilayer pipe insulation

Instantor Press System

The Instantor Press system, certified by the NSAI to IS EN ISO21003 is a complete system consisting of Pex-Al-Pex multilayer composite pipe (MLCP) and Brass radial press/crimp fittings. This product is offered as a system solution, rather than the traditional methods of supplying pipe & fittings separately. Instantor Press System is designed for a minimum 50-year lifecycle, per the Building Regulations. The system holds Both KIWA & WRAS approvals for potable water applications.

Instantor M-Type pipe offers a Metallic layer of aluminium that creates a 100% oxygen barrier. The Instantor press pipe is supplied in different offerings, from plain pipe coils or lengths to Insulated pipe coils in varying degrees of specification to achieve compliance with the Technical Guidance Documents – Part L for heat loss/gain, Part B for fire safety, Part D for proper materials & the NSAI Standard Recommendations SR50-1 & SR50-3:2021.

Compliant Pipe Insulation

Instantor insulated pipe coils are enclosed in a scratch-resistant, closed-cell polyethylene foam sheath which has been designed to comply with the Building Regulations and applicable testing standards. Instantor pipe Insulation has a PH of 7.5, keeping it in a neutralist window along with Non-Detection (ND) of any trace ions such as Chloride, Fluoride, Silicate, and Sodium as tested to EN13468 by TUV and free of Ozone depletion substances (CFCs, HBFCs, CCL4) as tested to EU regulation No1005/2009 by Intertek elevating any concerns regarding the environment and corrosive substances. The Instantor Press Insulated pipe coils IPAP60x range have a Euro class fire rating of BL-S1-d0 with results of: Figra 256.6W/s & THR 7.4 when tested to EN13501 by SGS,  providing peace of mind and full application compliance in line with  TGD’s Part B (specifically large voids &/or cavities)


In installations where little to none, or sub-par insulation is utilised, numerous problems can arise with the main concern being that the energy efficiency of the installation is dramatically reduced.

Unwanted thermal transmissions with either heat gain to cold water supplies, or heat loss to hot water supplies, can waste energy, along with providing a more hospitable location for legionella bacteria to grow. Insulation materials with high impurities, and when combined with humidity & temperature, can start to leach out onto the pipework & present a corrosive environment to attack metallic components & potentially cause a health hazard to occupants. Insulation with a low fire rating may contribute to fire by the way of flaming droplets along with the smoke fumes of contained impurities/contaminates.

This further highlights the importance of selecting the correct specification of insulation product as per its end-use application. The Instantor Press System is tested to confirm that it does not contain any trace ions of these chemicals for a sound & peace of mind installation.

Instantor insulated pipe coils Euro class BL-S1-d0 to EN13501 are available to shop from builders merchants nationwide.