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Instantor Named AIBF All-Star Plumbing & Heating Brand of the Year

Date 6th December 2021 /// Awards & Certifications
Instantor team smiling with AIBF certificate for Plumbing & Heating brand of the year

We are delighted to announce that Instantor has been named AIBF All-Star Plumbing and Heating Brand of the Year by the All-Ireland Business Foundation!

This is a great achievement for our brand, company and a signal to our customers that we meet the highest standards set by AIBF. The accreditation is a tribute to our company’s standards of performance, trust, and customer-centricity, giving you trust in our service and confidence in the Instantor brand.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF)

The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) is a national accreditation body that develops and promotes Best-in-Class in Irish business. AIBF engages and supports its All-Star network through collaboration, mentoring, and enterprise development activities.

“The Foundation enables its TRIBE to learn from, and work with each other, while receiving independent and objective assessments of their achievements and leadership.”

The Instantor team are honoured and excited to become part of AIBF’s TRIBE of All-Stars and join over 500 other highly accredited brands. This prestigious accolade is a significant achievement and comes in recognition of the invention and development of the Iconic Instantor brand, and we are proud to carry the AIBF Accreditation.

Sanbra Fyffe - Instantor Plumbing and Heating Brand of the Year All-Star Accreditation

“We are delighted that Sanbra Fyffe has been recognised with the Business All-Star Accreditation by AIBF.

This is an outstanding achievement for everyone at Sanbra Fyffe, who have each contributed hugely to the success of the company.

We are proud to carry the AIBF mark which is a signal to our customers that we meet the highest standards of performance, trust and customer-centricity, giving them trust in our service and confidence in our brand. 

Without the hard work and unity of our team, and of course our fantastic customers, none of this would be possible. It brings us all great pride to receive such recognition.”

Alan Hogan, Managing Director of Sanbra Fyffe

Thank you to our dedicated team and our loyal customers, without you this achievement would not have been possible. Check out our All-Star Profile over on the AIBF website here.