Product Overview

Paktermo by Instantor is a range of pliable corrugated stainless steel pipe (AIS316L) and fittings suitable for connecting to gas meters, gas boilers, and any other gas-related installs.

Introducing a streamlined solution for gas installations. Save on time and costs whilst getting the job done safely with Paktermo by Instantor. Made from high-quality stainless steel AISI316L, Paktermo by Instantor tube is heat treated to make it more pliable rather than taping.                         

Paktermo by Instantor is designed with a total quality approach in mind and is BSI & DVGW certified.


  • Operating Pressure up to 0.5 Bar
  • No hot works permit required 
  • Quick and efficient – less time spent on installs and fewer tools needed
  • Pipe sleeves are double-wrapped & fittings are reusable
  • BSI & DVGW certified
  • Can be used alongside Gas Copper Press Fittings
  • Flexible pipe means when bent it keeps its shape
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial applications
  • All-in-one packs available (includes pipe & connections)