Product Overview

The Sankel range includes Magnetic Central Heating Filters, which work in preventing breakdown in domestic heating systems by identifying and retaining magnetic & nonferrous debris. Available in ¾”, 1”, 22mm & 28mm.

To compliment this, we also have a range of Sankel Chemical Treatments, available as double concentrate in 500ml bottles, with the exception of the powerful heavy duty drain cleaner which is supplied in a 1L single concentrate bottle.

The range includes an inhibitor, restorer, silencer, cleaner, leak sealer, power flush & enersave, a heating system improver.

Furthermore, to prevent limescale build up in systems, we have WRAS Approved Limescale Reducers. They offer full house protection against limescale build up & require no maintenance or servicing. Available in ½”, ¾”, 15mm & 22mm.



  • Using the wrong test strips on Sankel Inhibitor will give an incorrect result.
  • Scalemaster (Sankel) test strips look for Nitrate
  • Molybdate test strips (Fernox or Adey) will give a false reading as these test strips look for Molybdate.
  • The Scalemaster i-Test is the only product that can be used on any formulation – Sankel/Adey/Fernox