Product Overview

Sanbra Heating Vessels (Red) are available from 2L to 100L and have a galvanised carbon steel flange. Potable Vessels (White) are available from 2L to 500L with a stainless steel 304 flange, bladders on both are made from WRAS Approved material EPDM.

A mounting bracket is included with Sanbra Heating & Potable water vessels from 8L to 36L. Vessels must be supported using the bracket provided or suitable support structure. Failure to do so will affect the product warranty.

Heating Vessels are also available with a complete sealed system kit which includes a cross manifold, filling loop, Safety Valve & pressure gauge.

Radial and Rectangular Expansion Vessels are also available, along with Solar expansion vessels with a membrane suitable for temperatures up to 130°C.