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Instantor at the Installer Show: What to Expect from the Market Leaders in Press Solutions

Date 17th June 2024 /// Company News

Market leaders in press solutions, Instantor, are set to take the UK by storm and are getting ready to kick things off at the Installer Show taking place on 25th to 27th June.

As one of the industry’s pioneering brands, Instantor has a rich legacy dating back to 1926, when the first Instantor Compression Fitting was cast at St James Gate, Dublin. Today, the brand continues to lead the way with innovative solutions and a deep commitment to the plumbing community.

In this interview, we delve into Instantor’s strategic participation at the Installer Show, exploring their expectations, unique offerings, and the exciting products they are showcasing. Discover how Instantor is set to make a lasting impression on attendees with an impressive stand, hands-on demonstrations, free merchandise giveaways, competitions, and a dedicated team ready to engage and inspire.

Join us as we chat with Sales Director, Neil Gaffney, about Instantor’s vision, the market trends shaping their innovations, and the unique benefits visitors can expect from their presence at the show.

Whether you’re a seasoned installer or new to the field, this is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with a brand that is at the forefront of the plumbing industry.

1.What are your expectations for Instantor’s participation in the upcoming Installer Show?

Based on the buzz at the event last year, I expect footfall to be even higher this year, but most importantly I’m hoping we are going to make a substantial and lasting impression on the British plumbing community with an impressive stand staffed by a well-trained and enthusiastic team.

2. With various industry events available, what factors contribute to our decision to participate in the Installer Show?

Over the last number of years, we have focused on direct installer engagement as a powerful way to grow demand for our products without actually selling directly to the installer. The Installer Show has become the main platform to showcase the product range directly to the plumbing community.

3. How does our participation in the Installer Show contribute to building industry recognition and reinforcing our brand’s position?

The sheer scale of the Installer Show gives us maximum exposure to the majority of purchase decision-makers in the industry. It provides the opportunity to promote the brand to the widest possible audience.

4. In a competitive industry landscape, what unique offerings do we provide that set us apart from competitors?  

At Instantor we have one of the longest legacies in the industry, having originally cast the compression fitting in 1926. We have always strived to go at least one better than our competitors whether it is with better quality, superior customer support, or a wider product range. Only recently, we have opened a visitor centre and state-of-the-art test laboratory for our customers which certainly sets us apart from the rest.

5. What are the main things that visitors to the Installer Show can take away if they visit the Instantor stand – how will coming to see us benefit them?

I think the installers will relate well to the hands-on approach via product demonstrations by our technical staff and will find our team engaging and very much on top of their game.

6. What products or innovations are we planning to showcase prominently at the Installer Show? 

We will be showing the extensive range of pumping solutions on the Tucson section of the stand, the full range of press solutions, elements, immersions, and the new Paktermo Gas Track pipe on the Instantor side.

7. What products are you most excited about showcasing?

The two products that spring to mind are the high-quality Tucson Equinox twin impeller shower pumps and our new track pipe range which has a unique fitting mechanism that is quicker to use and negates the need for tape. 

8. How do these align with current market trends and customer needs?

When interviewing installers, they are all putting a huge emphasis on speed of installation and efficiency. This is reflected in the mass uptake of press tools in the UK and Ireland markets and resulted in rapidly growing sales of copper press fittings, multilayer pipe and press fittings, and stainless-steel pipe and fittings. The need for speed, the move away from hot works, and the mechanization of the trade has transformed the landscape. Thankfully, Instantor was an early advocate of this trend.

Instantor will be carrying out live demonstrations with their portfolio of marketing leading press solutions & innovative pumps at the Installer Show.

Visit stand 4D18 to meet the Instantor team, get some hands-on experience with the range, compete to win an Instantor Press Tool, and grab yourself some free merch.

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