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Instantor and Kelso Treat Customers to a Thrilling Day at Mondello Park

Date 30th May 2023 /// Company News
Instantor and Kelso customers during the Van Challenge at Mondello Park

We understand the massive impact that our customers have on the success of our business, and we’ve been keen to show our appreciation for quite some time now. What better way to say thank you than a day filled with unforgettable experiences…

Earlier this month, Instantor and Kelso Agencies held a customer appreciation day at Mondello Park as a small way of saying thank you to our customers for their continued support. The event was a massive success, with over 80 attendees having a blast-filled day, catering to everyone’s adrenaline needs, with a range of exciting activities.

The team at Mondello Park worked with us to create a bespoke itinerary best suited to our needs that incorporated a mix of friendly competition and collaboration. Attendees were kept busy for the full day partaking in thrill-seeking challenges that required time management, quick responses and teamwork.

Activities of the Day: Mondello Park

Once we were split into smaller groups, we all took off for our first batch of activities before enjoying a hot lunch and then kickstarting the afternoon with driving once again.

There were 6 different activities including;

Instantor Sales Representatives showing  off their team wrist bands

The Porsche Thrill, where participants got to experience high-performance Porsche Caymans on the track and push their limits, unleashing their inner speed demons. The Autotest Experience tested our guests’ precision and control, providing a challenging yet exciting experience. Drift Laps enabled customers to hop in the passenger seat of a fully equipped drift car with a professional drift driver. The hilarious Van Delivery Challenge involved strategising and teamwork to ensure creative problem-solving. A great way to engage and bring everyone together! Lastly, the Martin Birrane Collection displayed iconic vehicles and celebrated the history of racing, showcasing the extensive history of motorsport.

Group photo next to a Porsche Cayman at Mondello Park

Once the successful day came to an end, each of our very own versions of Max Verstappen left with a goodie bag in hand, a certificate for their Porsche driving skills (ensuring friends that they really did drive a Porsche!), and an F1 racer mentality. Ready to hit the road responsibly and within speed limits…

Overall, the customer appreciation event at Mondello Park was a fantastic day filled with excitement and entertainment. We are grateful to all our guests who attended the event and look forward to welcoming them again to the next one.