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Instantor Rewards Calls on Thrill Seekers

Date 2nd October 2022 /// Instantor Rewards
Leon O'Grady Instantor Rewards September winner at DPL Kilmainham

The month of September brought an adrenalin-filled prize to Instantor Rewards members… We gave away a Mondello Thrill Seeker’s Xperience for one lucky member and a friend to enjoy worth €1,000. This one was for the petrolheads!

Mondello Thrill Seeker Xperience

Very few people wouldn’t love to win this prize and experience a day out in some serious cars. Mondello Park offers a variety of experiences for car lovers to tear around a race track and experience a day of driving like no other.

Congratulations to our September winner, Leon O’Grady, who bagged himself this incredible experience. Leon will have the chance to drive a race-prepared saloon car, Formula Sheane, BMW M Competition, Porsche Cayman, and a Nissan 350ZS. The best part is, that’s not all that’s included in the overall experience. Leon will also gain access to the Martin Birrane collection, enjoy some tea and cookies, and some lunch. What a prize!

Instantor Rewards October Prize

During the month of September, we asked our Rewards Members to help us out with a survey, so we could help make our Rewards program better for users. We listened to what you had to say and offered up one of our very own… This month we’re giving Instantor Rewards Members the chance to win an Instantor Press Tool Kit and €250 worth of Instantor Copper Press Fittings. Our Instantor Press Tool Kit is available with TH, VI, or M Profile Jaws – which is completely customisable when getting your kit.

To enter this month’s giveaway Instantor Rewards members can upload their receipts, invoices, or Instantor install pictures to Check out what product receipts are eligible to upload as entries here.

The best part is that entries are unlimited, meaning you can upload as many receipts as you want!

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