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Sanbra Fyffe Achieves ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Date 5th October 2021 /// Awards & Certifications
Sanbra Fyffe Green Team with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Sanbra Fyffe is delighted to be recognised for its commitment to environmental excellence, having achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for its operating procedures from the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland).

Combining ISO 14001 with our existing ISO 9001 Quality Management certification demonstrates our commitment to supplying high-quality products and services to our customers while continuing to improve our environmental performance.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

“With rising public awareness of the need to protect our environment, governments and businesses are under increasing pressure to minimize their environmental footprint and promote sustainable development.

The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standard has been developed to help organisations identify, manage and control those activities that have an environmental impact.”

National Standards Authority of Ireland,

The standard has been developed to encourage companies to reduce their environmental footprint. As part of the Environmental Management System, companies must;

  • Reduce waste
  • Lower energy use
  • Introduce the use of renewable resources
  • Prevent pollution
  • Comply with rules and legal obligations
  • Designing for the complete product lifecycle

Formation of our “Green Team”

With NSAI’s Environmental Management System in mind, we have created our very own “Green Team”, consisting of employees that will maintain the upkeep of environmental standards at Sanbra Fyffe. The Green Team has implemented a number of changes within the company in order to serve as a more environmentally friendly business with the future of our planet in mind.

This is something that we, as a team, have committed to do better. ISO 14001 is the most recognised Environmental Management System globally, with over 360,000 certificates issued worldwide. Find out more about this standard, including how to apply here.